Leading For Change

Leading For Change

Creative Leadership and Management For Change

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About this course

“Creative leadership is the ability to create and realise innovative solutions especially in the face of structurally complex or changing situations” (Source: M. Vernooij & R.Wolfe 2016). 

Leading for Change is a training programme for business managers and leaders that equips participants with creative leadership skills.

Creative leadership is simply an essential skill for business leaders. Creative leadership underpins problem solving and ideation. It is necessary to devise innovative processes and adapat to changing business conditions. Creativity leads to more effective and successful businesses; improves adaptability and resilience; and allows your business to view challenges as opportunities for success.

On this course, you will learn how to develop a more creative mindset incorporating imagination, a drive to be inquisitive and the confidence to take controlled risks. You will learn to apply creativity in a range of different contexts and for different purposes. You will be supported to develop vision, strategy and structures that support creativity and consciously nurture and develop the creative capacities of the people you lead.

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This is a free taster course that should give you an understanding of how our full Leading for Change course is delivered and what benefits you will gain.

Course content

Introduction to Creativity

Creativity in Your Work

Behaviours and Change

Understand Creativity

You will gain an understanding of what creativity is, the creative process and its components. You will learn that everyone has creative potential and creativity can be taught, practised and improved.

How Creativity Benefits Business

You will learn some creative processes which can easily be incorporated into a business setting. You will learn how creativity can be applied in common business practices to generate ideas, solve problems, improve systems and more.

Change Management

You will learn common theories of change management, what objections and issues you are likely to come across when trying to implement change and how to overcome these problems and achieve buy-in for your change.

How To Lead For Change

You will learn techniques to nurture the creative capacity of colleagues and across an organisation. You will learn how you as a leader can embody the changes you want to achieve.

Meet the expert

Jo Garnham-Parks

Jo has responsibility for looking after the ‘business’ of the organisation and leads the Finance & Operations team.

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