Managing Change

Managing Change

Creative Management Behaviours

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“For leaders, the first task in management has nothing to do with leading others; step one poses the challenge of knowing and managing oneself.” Primal Leadership, The New Leaders – Transforming the Art of Leadership into the Science of Results (2002)

Managing Change is a training programme for business managers and leaders that equips participants with management skills that allow them to build a creative environment in their teams.

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This is a free taster course that should give you an understanding of how our full Leading for Change course is delivered and what benefits you will gain.

Course content

Introduction to Creative Management

Introduction to Creative Management

Creative Management Challenge

Defining Leadership & Management

Problem Solving

Meet the experts

Drew Rowlands

Drew leads the development of the programmes IVE delivers across businesses, schools and young people to make sure that everyone can tap into their creative potential.

Jo Garnham-Parks

Jo has responsibility for looking after the ‘business’ of the organisation and leads the Finance & Operations team.

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